"Miss You" Book with couple

Sneaky Snail Stories

If you are away from your grandkids, nieces or nephews during covid-19 coronavirus quarantine, here is a really cute book about how much you miss your little ones. Made with adorable images of silly animals.
“I wish that we could juggle, or go out for a hike. Or play a little tennis, or go and ride a bike.
I wish that we could jump rope, or play a little ball. I wish we could go shopping, wish we could do it all!
I hope we can play dress up, or maybe lift some weights! We’ll sing some karaoke, it’s going to be so great!
We’ll try to do some magic, or go out for a run. We’ll try to play an instrument. It’s going to be so fun!”

Choose from a couple, woman or man. Just give me the name or names you would like to use in the personalization.

Available in 3 formats: Paperback -- Printed by Kindle Direct Publishing (an Amazon company). Glossy cover with paper pages.
Soft Cover -- Printed by Bookemon. Glossy cover and glossy, think pages.
Hard Cover -- Printed by Bookemon, Hard Cover with glossy, think pages.
All books are 8.5 by 8.5 and take 2-3 days to produce and print. Then they are shipped to you from my printer. Arrives in about 8-10 days.